A Way Back Home

Homeless to Sheltered
Strength to rebuild

Jobless to Meaningful

Financially attainable
Prudently sustainable


Shared responsibility
Quality of life

Personal Stories

"These gated villages would feature tiny homes
with shared kitchen, dining and laundry facilities
and provide permanent homes to the homeless."

Butte County Board of Supervisors

Housing Authority of the County of Butte, E.D. Ed Mayer

Chico Area Interfaith Council

Chico Chapter of the American Assoc. of University Women

Payless Building Supplies

CSU Chico Tiny House Club Students

Dave Dailey, CEO of Consolidated Construction

Vic Makau, retired CEO of Plumbing.com

Tom Tenorio, E.D. Community Action Agency of Butte County

Debra Cannon, CEO of Lulu's

Kristina Carter, former interim Director of the Torres Shelter

BCM Construction

Bill Kurninzki, Retired General Contractor

Tony Symmes, general contractor

Cliff Meneke, Lawyer

Bonnie Burkart, Lawyer

Sue Griffin, Lawyer

Richard Harriman, Lawyer

Andy Holcombe, Lawyer

Leslie Johnson, Lawyer

Tom Tarman, Architect

John Michael-Sunn Retired General Contractor

Glenn & Diana Drobny

Roger Mathews, Retired General Contractor

Bob Speer, Retired General Contractor

Nina Woodland

Christopher Adams

John Lansdale

Nancy Park

Linda Furr

Tom Lewis

Kiki Powers

Anna Meeham

Jeffrey White

Chris Perske

Richard Ogden

Keith McElroy

Karen Montana

Dan Levine

Ron Aker

Claudia Manni

Davis Walker

Nancy Evens

Roger Montabano

John Miller-George

Ron James

Ken Flemming

Dave Garcia

Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine

Cliff Scheer, Landmark Missinary Baptist Church

Rev. Richard Yale, St. John's Episcopal

Pastor Dave of Trinity United Methodist Church

Tom Sartwell

David Haynes

Carol Passavoy

Richard Roth

Jeanne Thatcher

Peter Hoffman

Kathy Weeks

Jimi Gomez

Cheryl King

Stacey Jolliffe

Robert Trausche

Carolyn Schrum

Bill Mash

John Fogarty

John Alexander

Jeffrey White

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